Galanos House 4th July Celebrations

On July 4th 2013 the staff at Galanos House near Southam organised some 4th July celebrations. Members of the RBLR and the Vulcan Riders Association were there to add a touch of glamour and make some noise.
040713 0003  The residents enjoyed a sing song prior to the bikes arriving. 040713 0005 (2) 040713 0009  With arrival time approaching the residents made their way outside. 040713 0010  and the applause signal the arrival of the bikes
040713 0011  Andy "Lenny" Leonard led the way with Chriisy on pillion 040713 0012  Some American Iron for the 4th of July 040713 0014  A mix of happiness and awe but all were extremely grateful 040713 0015  Ready to make some thunder
040713 0016  Cheered on by Craig and the residents alike 040713 0018 040713 0022 040713 0026
040713 0027  The residents wre realy getting in to the Roaring Thunder including their oldest resident who is 103. She is in the wheelchair just ot the right of the entrance. 040713 0029 040713 0032  Not bad for 103 years and was extremely pleased to see the bikes, she even recounted her days as a pillion but thought it best she didnt have a go on the day. 040713 0033  Although she was tempted by the Rocket Trike
040713 0034  Everyone was keen to get amongst the bikes 040713 0035  Including Pete who was up close and personal in his chair. 040713 0036 040713 0038  Everyone really took an interest
040713 0039  Dave Hurleys Victory looked especially tempting with its armchair like seat 040713 0040 040713 0041 040713 0042  A bit of flirting
040713 0043  and bonding 040713 0044 040713 0046  She fancied a ride but setttled for trying on the helmet which surpriised her at first 040713 0047  Although she was soon at ease and smiling
040713 0048  I've tired your helmet so you better try my hat 040713 0050  The time taken with the residents was very pleasing for both us and them. This chap was a sprightly 87 and we had a great chat about his life journey. 040713 0052  The horse was also there for the residents although the chanec to go bareback was taken 040713 0054
040713 0058  Three entrants for the beauty pageant 040713 0062  Pete was a former Gold Wing rider and once back inside went off to get his old Denim Cut. One of the Vulcan Riders presented him with a special pin and he was extremely happy. 040713 0063 (2) 040713 0064