Brinklow Jubilee Beacon

As part of the Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations over 4000 beacons were lit up and down the country.

One close to Rugby was at the Tump in Brinklow. The Tump as its know locally is the Motte of the old Brinklow Castle. It dates from the 11th century and is one of the best if not the best preserved of its type in England.

The villagers were out en masse to celebrate and the evening started and finished with fireworks.
  • brinkbeacon12 0006  Fireworks to begin the ceremony
  • brinkbeacon12e 0002  More of the pre beacon lighting fireworks.
  • brinkbeacon12 0015  Some of the assembled throng.
  • brinkbeacon12 0022  The anticipation was building
  • brinkbeacon12 0026  Another view with the "Tump" visible on the left.
  • brinkbeacon12 0028  The lighting of the Jubilee Beacon.
  • brinkbeacon12 0030  To the soundtrack of "God Save The Queen".
  • brinkbeacon12 0033  The Beacon was a small gas typed one I believe. They varied across the country from the simple one like this to huge bonfires.
  • brinkbeacon12 0040  The Beacon
  • brinkbeacon12 0044  The crowd joined in with Chinese lanterns and a full Moon to boot.
  • brinkbeacon12 0045  Chinese lanterns
  • brinkbeacon12 0047  Chinese Lanterns
  • brinkbeacon12 0054  And then a further display of fireworks lit up the sky
  • brinkbeacon12 0058  and the ground below
  • brinkbeacon12 0071  Fireworks display
  • brinkbeacon12 0072  The crowd enjoyed the display
  • brinkbeacon12 0082  Fireworks display
  • brinkbeacon12 0085  Fireworks display
  • brinkbeacon12 0091  Fireworks display
  • brinkbeacon12 0092  Firework illuminating the ground very brightly
  • brinkbeacon12 0094  Fireworks display
  • brinkbeacon12 0098  Church of St John the Baptist, Brinklow
  • brinkbeacon12 0099  Church of St John the Baptist, Brinklow